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Baldoni Accordions offers complete repair service for all accordions, concertinas, and diatonic (button) instruments. No matter the age, make, or model, we can restore the life and appearance of your instrument.

Baldoni Expert Restoration Services
An important part of the restoration procedure is the study and analysis of the instrument. Using the same woods and other period materials is an extremely critical part of the process. Prior to the restoration we document the product's current condition with photos and text. Photos will be taken during the restoration work and at completion.

Our conservation and restoration aim:

  • To analyze work needed for the appropriate steps in the restoration.
  • To record every step of the operation in archival notes, photographs and film. Film will be only used on certain instruments.
  • To use only those procedures and materials which preserve products historical period.
  • To repair cracks and structural damage that threatened the stability of the instrument.
  • To conserve surfaces that are in danger of further deterioration.
  • To restore sympathetically those areas where deterioration of one sort or another had obliterated details and caused loss of integrity of the product

Repair / Evaluation
No charge for evaluation if repair can be physically viewed from outside and the instrument doesn’t have to be opened.
A $75.00 charge if product must be opened and examined; fee will be waived if work is performed by us.


Lachenal Concertina
1860’s Lachenal concertina was sent to us from a client in Ireland with severe damage to the structural and mechanical parts. Some of its pieces were sent in bags and missing. Exact woods and ivories were used to restore it back to its original state. Broken reed tongues were fabricated and the concertina was tuned. The bellow was rebound in leather to match its originality. Restored by Ivo Baldoni.

Swiss born Louis Lachenal (c. 1821-1861), the man who revolutionized concertina making in England in the mid-nineteenth century.


1920’s DECAP of Belgium Mechanical Dance Organ (Nickelodeon). This belongs to a Midwest collector and part of his multi-million dollar electro-pneumatic instrument collection. (Article written in Forbes Magazine

Our restoration part is to the accordions reeds/tuning, bellows, cosmetics, structural and mechanical function. This work is in conjunction with other national restorers who complete other aspects of dance organs operation. Restored by Alfonso and Ivo Baldoni.

This instrument has two piano accordions mounted on the front, and these are connected to and played by the organ with rhythm being an important part of dance organ. The saxophones found on the front of some organs are not actually played, but the keys will be operated to give the appearance that they are.

Scandalli Accordions

(L-R) owners collection curator with Ivo & Anthony Baldoni

Keyboard and Reed overhaul

The late Alfonso Baldoni fabricating replacement reeds

Seybold/Hohner Automatic Accordion circa 1925. This is a Mechanical Accordion with percussion (Nickelodeon). Owner is from California.

Our restoration part is to the accordions reeds/ tuning, bellows, cosmetics, structural and mechanical function. This work is in conjunction with other national restorers who complete other aspects of the operation.

Baldoni-Bartoli Accordion
Circa 1910 Baldoni-Bartoli of Italy 14 note diatonic button accordion sent to us from an East Coast owner. Restoration completed December 2011 Restoration by Ivo Baldoni.

Restoration process...
Reed block, keyboard and structural frame repair - fabrication

New bellow installation to frames

Keyboard repair and fabrication

Re-surfacing and lacquering finish

Hunibel Accordion
Hunibel model Arabic scale accordion made by Ditta Salas, Stradella-Italy Circa 1930's.
Before (front)
Before (side)

This accordion was sent from the Middle East for repair. The body was severally damaged from the bass section to both sides of the keyboard being broken off. Total takedown of the keys to repair broken guides and body frame. Missing parts where fabricated and new celluloid (.027) was added to make it look like new. Celluloid is the material used to cover the instrument for its finish. Restoration completion March 2012 by Ivo Baldoni.




Photos (3) of Completed repair





















The Piñata Accordion
When this accordion was brought to us it came in two boxes of broken parts. We call it the Piñata accordion because it looked like it was beaten with a stick. Many of the missing pieces had to be fabricated.  With extensive mechanical, woodwork and finish repairs, now the accordion is in like new condition.

Before top pictures when we evaluated the damage and took inventory of the parts. You will see in the picture to the left damage to the bass wood frame and the picture to the right bellow damage and both keyboard side edges where cracked through the frame.

After the repair and several celluloid applications.

                                                                                                         Two views of the finished product in like new condition. Repairs were completed by Ivo Baldoni 4/25/2012.