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The instruments listed below are just a sampling of the pre-owned product available. You may contact us at (262) 250-9990 for other similar product currently in stock.  Accordions are of Italian / German  construction and all sizes starting at $395 with case and straps.

All products have been inspected and placed in good working order by us for their age and manufactures' quality of construction. 

Good condition Strasser GCFBb Professional 3 reed                          

Good condition Melodija CFBb 3 reed

Hlavacek like new condition Bb Eb Ab German keyboard fingering

Baldoni Dos Tonos  (6 keys)  A D G / F Bb Eb with midi electronics and condenser mics

Baldoni Double chamber (cassotto)  4/5 reed LMMH with celeste tuning and midi/condenser mics

Baldoni Euro Midi - I  3/4 reed LMM musette tuned and built-in 20 voices plus midi

Baldoni Euro Midi - II 4/4 reed with musette, midi controller with 128 GM onboard 

voices plus midi and condenser mics

Excelsior model 1320E 4/5 reed LMMM continental musette tuned with Master midi

Classique single chamber (cassotto) 4/5 reed LMMM continental tuned with reeds mounted on 

leather (no wax) Upgraded with Baldoni AB-12 electronic bass and Baldoni MK-7 condenser mics

Crown 3/5 reed LMH with mute, duo mics and internal Baldoni AB-12 Bass

Dallape' Organtone II  3/5 reed double chamber (cassotto)

Imperial model AA double chamber (cassotto) 4/5 reed LMMH dry tuned

1960's Morbidoni 3/5 reeds LMH VG Condition

Titano Tube Chamber 4/5 reed LMMH Dry tuned and rebuilt with Baldoni AB-12 Bass 

Generator and Baldoni MK-7 condenser mics

Rebuilt 1930's Paolo Soprani (Italian founding father of the accordion industry) 

4/5 reeds LMMM Cleveland Tuned

1930's ItaloAmerican 4/5 reed LMMM Cleveland Tuned

1930's German Built Hohner Carmen LMM Musette tuned 

Pearl Queen Plate reeds with abalone inlay