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Conveniently access your sounds via a floor pedal board. For the live performer or home hobbyist, the tech-savvy guru or the plug-and-play enthusiast, Baldoni MIDI systems are designed to fit your needs. Each of our packages make sounds instantly available through our programmable floor pedal board, eliminating time wasted in your search to find the right sound.

Optional accordion grill controller.

In short, the straightforward operations of your Baldoni MIDI system will free you to concentrate on what matters to you most: PLAYING MUSIC.

Baldoni MIDI Systems

Common Features

  • Spring-less maintenance free sensor contacts. We use a Hall Effect censor style contact system. This is a high tech magnetic proximity switch with no physical contact made in keying of notes.
  • Amplification via condenser microphones.
  • Pre-amped and EQ'd with individual volume controls for treble and bass.

Baldoni Edited Sound Modules
All sound modules sold by Baldoni Accordions are edited to recreate and enhance the voices and rhythms known to accordionists, from the traditional sounds to the more contemporary. The packages we sell are exclusively edited and setup so that you need to make only 3 connections:

  1. To your Accordion
  2. To your Amplifier
  3. To AC Power

Example Features From Our Custom-Edited Modules

  • 512 Instrument Voices
  • 128 Baldoni-created user voices (Solovox, Cordovox, Baldovox and Hammond organs, Pianos, Saxes, strings to Baldoni bass sounds etc.)
  • 128 Baldoni-edited layered sounds ( Between 2 - 4 sounds mixed together to create one voice sound)
  • 256 Factory GM (General MIDI) voices
  • 244 Rhythms (expandable up to 9,999)
  • 198 factory presets 46 Baldoni-edited rhythms (Slovenian / Polish / Dutchmen Polkas and Waltzes, to Country Classics)
  • Floor Pedal Board Controller
  • Programmable to control voices, rhythm, effects, etc.
Baldoni Custom Cases
This case features a removable lid cover, and is designed to enable you to take advantage of the 3-connection setup listed above: one to your accordion, one to your amplifier, and one to your AC power source. The pedal board fits inside the case without the removal of any cables.
Table Top Module with rhythm - size 23"W x 11"H x 19"D
Rack module with 4 space rack case pullout handle and wheels
Approx. size 20W x 9H x 20D
Baldoni Sound Modules
Small size Ketron SD4 MIDI module
Dimensions 8.5 X 5 X 2.6 inches
Weight 2lb. Baldoni Price..
Pocket size Ketron SD2 Midi module
Dimensions 4.8 X 5.2 X 1.6 inches
Weight 1.3 lb. Baldoni Price..