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(no longer manufactured or sold)

Product Note
Sorry, this accordion is no longer manufactured or sold.

Euro MIDI Features
Baldoni's Midi-Accordion with Instant Access To High Quality Built-In Digital Sounds for the left-hand.

  • This 16 lb. Accordion is a semi-reed less product. The left hand bass and chord sections feature 20 built-in tones and are exclusively electronic with no acoustical reeds.
  • The right-hand supports 3 reeds (1-bassoon, 2-clarinets) musette tuned for a fuller sound.
  • Internal Tones Offer Imaginative Sound.
  • Building Potential: The internal tones can be combined with external sound module voices (via MIDI), thus creating a variety of user-personalized sounds.

Dynamic Live Performance Applications
For the live performer or home hobbyist the Baldoni Euro-Midi makes instantly available sounds through the accordion grill controller tabs, eliminates the wasted waiting and searching to find the right sound.

Flexible Audio Routing Output Configurations
Through the 2 audio outputs found on the power supply unit, you have the availability of selecting Main out or the separation of the right and left hand. In short the Baldoni Euro-Midiís straightforward operations free you to concentrate on what matters to you most: PLAYING MUSIC.


  • Processor: 16 Bit Intel
  • We use a Hall Censor style contact system. This is a high level of magnetic proximity switching with no physical contact made in keying of notes. This is a very maintenance free contact system for our midi instruments.
  • Outputs: 2 (main and separate right and left hand)
  • Midi Channels: 4 assignable - 2 poly kybd, chords & bass
  • Maximum Polyphony: 32 notes
  • Velocity: Keyboard is velocity-sensitive and has a real time sensitivity control potentiometer
  • Controls: Individual volume and sustain selections for kybd, Chords and Bass
  • Amplification: 6 treble, GM condenser microphones with volume control
  • Keyboards: 41/120 fast action low profile perloid keys
  • Materials: All hand selected mahogany and spruce woods
  • Switches: 5 treble plus Master
  • Reeds: 3/4 Handmade-tuned (Swedish tong and durra aluminum plate)
  • Tunings: Standard with musette
  • Weight: 16 lbs.